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Monday, June 26, 2017

Huge $255 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway @AuthorPrisca #BookBub #Giveaway

Holy amazing Amazon gift cards, Batman! The Summer BookBub Giveaway from Prisca's Promo has not one, but TWO $255 Amazon gift cards for two lucky winners! All you have to do is follow all 72 authors participating in the giveaway and you will qualify for a chance to win a $255 Amazon gift card. Not only that, but then you'll be following 72 amazing authors on BookBub, getting new release info about all kinds of amazing books that you can spend your gift card on. Or just get that laptop you always wanted. ;) You can use the gift card for whatever you want!

Just click on this link, follow all the authors on BookBub (links are all already there for you), and you'll be entered to win a $255 Amazon gift card. We realize that's a lot of authors to follow, so you don't have to follow them all on the same day. You have 10 days to do all the entries. But remember, you will need to follow all authors to qualify (and I'm one of the ones at the bottom, so please follow me). The giveaway runs June 26-July 6th!

Here is the link again:

Happy reading!

Friday, June 16, 2017

New Release Pre-Order! Duplicity by @ajreneeauthor #ContemporaryRomance

Looking for some summer reading? AJ Renee has a new book coming out and it looks really good. Check out this blurb!

Everyone leaves…

Jaime Lynn has lived by that mantra all of her life. After opening a pub in St. Fleur, she begins to root herself into the town and its community, questioning the only attitude she has ever known. When Jesse interviews for the open bartending position, she knows hiring him is a bad decision she’ll make anyway. Giving in to their powerful attraction, she accepts his invitation to explore what’s between them—and is reminded that not everyone gets their happily ever after.

Haunted by the memories around his hometown of New Orleans, Jesse leaves everyone he knows and loves, hoping to find a sliver of peace. Jaime Lynn turns out to be the light to his dark, bringing Jesse away from his nightmares and back to his hopes and dreams.

When the truth comes out, Jesse and Jaime Lynn agree to give their relationship another try. The stars finally align, guiding them onto a new path where they can leave their past behind them.

What will they do when Jesse learns about the gift he never received but always wanted?

Pre-Order available wide:

Duplicity is book 3 of the St. Fleur Series. I read and reviewed Widowers Aura, book 1, last September and love AJ's writing style. My review is here:

With the excitement of the 3rd release, AJ Renee put Widower's Aura on sale for 99cents for a limited time. Both books will go to full price on June 28th, so there's still time to get them for 99cents each.

Widower's Aura book sale:

Happy reading!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Welcome to the #Instafreebie #Scifi #Romance promotion by @arcadiashield

Looking for more great science fiction romance to fill up your e-reader? You've come to the right place! With this fabulous selection of SFR, you're sure to find your next favorite book.

All of these books are FREE through Instafreebie. You'll be whisked away to other worlds. There's adventure, romance...and aliens!

My book, "Aliens in the Barn" is included in this giveaway and I'm super excited to find new readers. Hopefully you'll be one of them!


Enter your adventure here: